Bitcoin was envisioned as the decentralized currency of the future, but today the narrative has shifted, and its adherents call it a store-of-value instead of a currency. Why is that? Why did they back-track on the vision?

One must only try using Bitcoin to know that it is non-functional as a currency. The average transaction takes between 1 and 3 hours and comes with a fee of $20. The network barely pulls 4 tx/s (transactions per second) but it consumes 0.3%

The story of how we got here

This post is for those of you who like to zoom out and put things into perspective. We now know the answer to the question that gave rise to all the creation myths of the past: Where do we come from? And the real thing is a lot weirder than expected.

In this post, we’ll go through the story of everything in a way that allow us to wrap our heads around the ridiculous amount of time involved. It’s been nothing less than 13.8 …

It’s time to start using a modern programming language

I want to tell you about a new programming language called Kotlin and why you should consider it for your next project. I used to prefer Java but the last year I’ve found myself coding Kotlin whenever I could, and at this point, I really can’t think of a situation where Java would be a better choice.

It’s developed by JetBrains, and the fact that these are the people behind a suite of IDEs, such as IntelliJ and ReSharper, really shines through in Kotlin. It’s pragmatic and concise and makes coding a satisfying and efficient experience.

Although Kotlin compiles to…

Magnus Vinther

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